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September 08 2017

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September 07 2017

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….yeah i finished the trilogy and fell in shakarian hell

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You don’t need a lot to have it all.

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September 05 2017

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“Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.” (via Jonathan88)

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reimenaashelyee:  Halloween is almost here
kittencrimson:  🍂🍂🍁✨

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Here’s something I made for the upcoming fan episode! I recently asked for submissions of drawings or photos for me to draw. I’ve done one earlier and it turned out to be a crowd favorite! Sooo stoked to show you the final product :) 🔮✨

September 03 2017

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So hot… my baby is melting

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It’d be kinda funny if after their relationship got better Mimikyu would start vying for Jessie’s attention and love

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Halloween is almost here

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