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April 19 2017

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@nick-avallone she’s french

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Ignis, Prompto, Noctis + Gladiolus (FFXV) | 高遠

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Some covers of Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

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❝ We’ll have uniforms. And I’ll unite a mix of disenfranchised outsiders under one name. That’s it, Evie! We can rally them to our side… I can see it now! We’ll call ourselves The Rooks.❞

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my @fandomtrumpshate piece for callie, who requested art of jacob and newt having fun adventures together :-) 

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take earth back femshep headers requested by anonymous
feel free to use!!

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Bunch of kitties ♥
I’ll probably make a set of stickers with thoses (•v• )/

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